Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Men's skincare review: Zirh Scrub

Joseph Valo III
When it comes to skincare  for men there are many brands to choose from. I want to tell you about this company called ZIRH. They specialize in skin care for men. Celebrities, well known musicians, and actors use the products from this company.

I want to tell you about the scrub. Its clear almost like a gel and goes on real good. No clumps or anything. It lathered up real nice as well.  And you dont need a lot. The scrub doesn't have that feminine smell and its formulated for the men. Simply put it doesn't smell like roses and it's for a mans skin. I wouldn't recommend that you use it every day maybe every 3 days to give your skin a rest so that your skin  replenish its new skin cells.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend or get this as a gift for someone. Youcan find this product on for only $20.00. Which is a great price and youget what you pay for. Someone once told me, "You get out what you put in to it". And with that you are your greatest investment. So taking care of yourself and your skin will make you look healthier but will make you look healthier and great.

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