Saturday, September 19, 2015

Keyword and SEO Manipulation used by my stalker in Portland, Oregon

Hello everyone. How are you doing? So, today I get a call from an old friend of mine today who said they typed in my name and found all sorts of crazy stuff about me. Stuff that wasn't even true in relation to "that crazy guy from Portland that is accusing you and some Brian guy of stalking him" as my friend puts it.  What I found odd was when you type in Joseph Valo III or Joe Valo III or even Joseph Valo and Joe Valo, my stalker Michael Odegard's name comes up immediately. It also comes up as "Michael Odegard's Stalker Joseph Valo."

Then I did a search on my girlfriend Sarah Afshar's name and it shows the same thing except a crazy stalking hag from Eugene Oregon who has took it upon herself to libel my girlfriend. The same one who stalks and harasses Toni Ingram. Upon investigation, I did some research and discovered keyword manipulation. I contacted a few people and they told me that what Odegard is doing is basically Black Hat SEO. Then it says "Did you mean Michael Odegard Music?" This leads me to believe that Odegard and Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) had help from a third party source to manipulate the keywords. I typed in a few people's names and didn't find any connection, so I decided to channel. As a psychic medium, I do that when I can't find the answer to something. The first thing I saw was purple before seeing Sword and Scale, realizing that Mike Boudet was behind this. I, then googled Mike Boudet which allowed me to see he has experience with SEO and so forth.

I am not surprised since my girlfriend and I never did Boudet's podcast. Kind of disappointed because my girlfriend and I never once belittled him, even though he has told several people we have. At least that is what I am being told. I knew his connection to Tricia and could it see it over a year ago when he first contacted me, but overlooked it. Tricia Griffith of Websleuths the mastermind behind the libel, slander, and defamation of my girlfriend Sarah Afshar and Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan Ingram. Boudet is behind the keyword manipulation and is helping Michael Odegard seek revenge against those people that he has stalked and harassed yet tried to say that we are the ones harassing him. Looking at everything though, it is only allowing people to see the truth about me and my girlfriend when anyone types in one of names and seeing how much of a liar Odegard is.

What concerns me most is Michael Coleman Odegard is making money from my name. We have a man who sells a story to the government to collect his monthly payment simply because he is unwell. It is very clear he does have Munchausen syndrome by internet. I am no psychologist, but it doesn't take one to know how unstable this man is. I also think he may have HPD, BPD, and possibly paranoid schizophrenia, as well. Again, not a psychologist. I actually have a few friends with mental illnesses who would never do what Odegard is doing. Odegard is filled with negative energy because no one would spitefully lie like he does.

The lies he has told are disgusting, especially about me and my girlfriend and I feel bad for anyone who believes what they are being told by this man. Don't believe what he is selling you. It was this podcast that riled him up and he's been trying to get it taken down ever since I did it. He is scared that people will know the truth about him. He created those sites with the intent to stalk and harass both my girlfriend and I because he was/is obsessed with my girlfriends mother and we have tons of proof. Odegard is playing the victim so he can get away with harassment. He's already threatened to kill me and I have tons of proof no matter how many denials he makes. He has a record in Portland and in Vancouver, Washington. He's been in and out of mental facilities. This is clearly someone who is not well and believes he has the right to spread horrible, untrue lies about other people because he is not well. What concerns me most is how a mentally unstable individual who is filled with so much hate for himself and the world is making money from my name, as well as, my girlfriend's name. Is Michael Odegard really cashing in on his lies and slander against me and my girlfriend, as well as, Brian Mann?

To be continued...

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