Tuesday, June 21, 2016

MuscleTech's Lab Series After Build post workout review

Photo Taken by Joseph Valo III
MuscleTech keeps on coming out with new supplements and one of the new ones is After Build Lab Series. When you get done with crushing your work out you need a great post work out supplement and MuscleTech's After Build Lab Series is the one. I was sent this product to test and review. 

Here is a little bit about Lab Series After Build. 

4:1:1 BCAA Matrix  
L-leucine       4g
L-isoleucine  1g
L-valine        1g

Growth & Recovery Matrix
L-glutamine                   2g
Creatine Monohydrate  2g
Creatine HCI                 1g

Lean Muscle & Performance Matrix
Betaine              2.5g
Taurine                 1g

Hydro-Electrolyte Support Blend
Sodium Chloride            63.5mg
Dipotassium Phosphate  55.5mg
Coconut Water                   50mg
Black Pepper Extract        5.26mg

You need to read the whole label and follow the directions to the "T". This supplement is powerful. When I went and got this to test and review I went and tested this product to the max. First I tested the taste, It tasted very good with no after taste. For the mixing test, I went and tried the old stirring with a spoon in the glass of water and it mixed fairly good. Then I went and tried to mix it in a shaker cup and it passed with flying colors. And for the final test I tried it in a fruit punch smoothie and it tasted great and mixed extremely well with no funky after taste.

Phase 2 of my testing was to see how the recovery and strength  went after using it for a month. After the first 4 days I noticed that my recovery was getting better and by the 4th week I had to work out even harder to feel the soreness but the soreness was very minimal. During that time I noticed that my strength was increasing as well as my muscle mass as well. 

MuscleTech's After Build Lab Series post work out far exceeded my tests in everything. I highly recommend this to family friends and anyone who wants a faster recovery and that extra strength and muscle mass. Also with this post work out you need to drink lots of water because of the Creatine in it. What I like about After Build Lab Series is the BCAA's and the support blend. The BCAA's help with the synthesis of protein that you need for your muscles and also the Support blend because it helps with the replacement of the electrolytes that you burn and use during your workouts. When you stack After Build with the 100% Whey Advanced you will see more results.

You can find more about this post workout supplement and others here

Disclaimer: The said product above was sent to me to test and review. My opinions are unbiased and based from me using the product.

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