Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shaving cream Review: Schulz & Malley Brush-less Shaving Cream

Joseph Valo III
  Every man knows that when they shave they have to use shaving cream or gel. If you don't and dry-shave you will tear your skin up. I know from experience.                                                          When I tried out this product: it went on nice and easy, was a close shave and provided a nice barrier between the skin and the razor. I had no irritation or anything. It also lifts stubborn hair and softens it for a nice smooth and close shave....                                                                               

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. As with anything you must read the entire label for the directions.

I got this in a sample box from Birch Box Man. Here is a link to Birch Box for this product. Also here is a link to the Schulz&Malley website as well.

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