Thursday, September 18, 2014

Phase 8 Protein Review!

Joseph Valo III
I find that having a great protein supplement in your diet is the key to keeping your body in an anabolic state where you are always gaining. So with that in mind when you go and get that protein powder or supplement do your research and read those reviews, because they will help you better understand the product.

Recently, I got the Vanilla and Milk Chocolate to sample and review as a part of the MuscleTech field test team. I was very excited because I never got to try any product like this before. They both smelled and tasted great which I had expected from previous MuscleTech products. I decided to mix them both in a glass of water to give it the real test. It mixed very well with no clumping of the protein powder.

What I love about the Phase 8 Protein powder is that it has 6 different proteins and amino acids as well. Also it has an 8 hour digestion rate as well so you are getting the constant supply of protein that your body needs. The Phase 8 Protein goes great with the Clear Muscle as well. With this product you can keep you body in the anabolic state it needs to be in to gain the muscle that you want.

I would definitely recommend this protein supplement to a friend and or a family member.
You can find out more about this product and more supplements at As with anything make sure to do your research and read the label.

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