Saturday, September 27, 2014

Serious Mass weight gainer review!

Joseph Valo III
As everyone knows that when you want to bulk up and want to gain lean muscle mass you need to do certain things.  One of things is using a weight gainer. Choosing the perfect weight gainer is key to suit your body's needs and to pack on the lean muscle mass that you want.

There are many different kinds of weight gainers out there on the market these days.  That's why it's important to gather all the information read reviews of people who used the product. Knowing what you put into your body is a great way to start eating and being healthy.

Just recently I got the Vanilla Flavored Serious Mass weight gainer by Optimum Nutrition from GNC for $59.99. I did my research and read the reviews and based on my previous use of the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein.  I got the 12 pound bag-o-weight gainer which is "huge" and has the biggest scoop that I have ever seen! Everything about this weight gainer is HUGE!! From the bag, scoop, and to the amount of the protein, calories, to the amount of amino acids and everything else that is in it.  50 grams of protein,  253 grams of carbs., and25 vitamins and minerals, 1250 calories, 1gram of creatine mmonohydrate just to name a few as well.

What I love about this weight gainer is that you can take it any time; between meals, post-workout and before bedtime. My favorite is before after an intense workout and before bed.
Just as a note: this product contains Beta Carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A and is yellow/orange in color and my alter the appearance of the color of the powder when mixed.

Now lets get to the good stuff....  The taste and mixing of the the shake.
When I test anything that needs to be mixed I test it in 3 ways. Blended in a mixer, a shaker bottle and with the fork or a spoon in a glass. Both the shaker bottle and the fork and spoon method were ok but both still had some clumping but only alittle. But with a blender we all know that theres no clumping and its the best way to add different things to spice up the shake. And now on to the taste... It tasted pretty good.  You can add more water for a not so sweet taste of add less water for a sweeter taste.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9 because of the taste and everything it has in it.
I would definitely recommend this toa friend of a family member. And I intend to be buying more of this weight gainer. Im completely satisfied with this product.

Here are a few links that you can find this weight gainer at and some reviews as well.

The links I have provided is a great start. There you can find everything out obout the product and reviews as well. I cannot wait to see what Optimum Nutrition will come up withnext! Until next time, remember that what you put into it is what you will get out of it.

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