Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MuscleTech's NANOx9 Next Gen Review

Photo taken by Joseph Valo III
When I got NANOx9 Next Gen as a sample to test and review I was blown away because I remember using the NANOx9 Hardcore before with good results. 

What MuscleTech did was take the old NANOx9 Hardcore and made it even better than ever. Whats even better is that it's stimulant free and helps to boost your muscle pump at the same time it gives you the mental focus to your your workout the boost you need.

When I took the first dose and worked out I wanted to put it to the test and I lifted heavy and after the first set I could literally feel the extreme pump and it continued to get even better. My strength was increased as well. I also didn't have any fatigue either. The Sensory Matrix gave me the mental focus that I needed to concentrate on every rep and contraction of the muscle group that I was working out.

But just to warn everyone, this is not a supplement that you can just start off with the full dose especially when you are using another pre-workout with 1600mg of Beta-alanine in it. Before you start taking it with the pre-workout, start by taking 2 of the capsules of NANOx9 Next Gen and get a fell for your tolerance. Then you start adding your pre-workout just start with small servings of the pre-workout until you find your tolerance. 

On the label you will find that the supplement is broken in to 3 things. 

First is the Vaso Prime (N.O.x Maximizer) which gives you the pump with 1,500mg of Arginine Inositol Silicate (Nitrosigine) as the main ingredient in the Vaso Prime. Also you have Hawthorne and Pomegranate to round it out as well.

Second is the Vaso Amp (Performance Matrix) which has 1,600mg of Beta-alanine (Carnosyn) which gives you that tingly feeling in some of the workouts you take. It also helps with muscle endurance to increase your productivity of your work outs as well. And then you have Brown algae extract to round out the Performance Matrix.

Third and final is the Neuro Amp (Sensory Matrix) This has Choline Bitartrate, Rhodiola Extract and Eleuthro to help give you the mental focus that you need to use for when you are really crushing your work out. 

Also I cannot forget about how they use their rapid diffusion technology to make the supplement absorbed by the body faster than the capsule. 
This supplement will do everything that it says and I will be purchasing it in the future. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants that skin splitting pump and the extra strength as well.  As with everything you must read the entire label and directions

I am completely pleased with the supplement and the NANOx9 Next Gen is way far superior to its predecessor NANOx9 Hardcore.

For information about MuscleTech's NANOx9 you can visit their website here and find everything else you need about this amazing new supplement and other great supplements they have there as well.
Disclaimer: I received this product to test and sample.

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