Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Arvazalia's Hydrating Argan Oil Mask Professional Series.

Joseph Valo III Recently I went to get my hair trimmed and was having some problems with my hair being dry brittle and looking rough. I did everything that I could think of to help my hair. And then my girlfriend said why dont you try a Hair mask.....  And I asked her what is it? Is it a mask that you put on your face and peel off? She said no silly, LOL its like a conditioner that you put in your hair. I said ok. and I did my research, and came across this product. The company's name is Arvazallia and they have what you need to repair your hair to make it silky smooth, hydrated, and  healthier looking hair. Here is the web site so you can check out all the products they have.

Photo taken by Joseph Valo III
I went online and got it for $16.99 on their site. When I got it I tried it, and I was totally amazed!! 
This product did what it said and I was extremely happy and excited!! It left my hair feeling hydrated, silky smooth, and the texture of the hair even changed from a rough one to a smooth one. I have found a new product that I will be using for now on.  To use the product: Shampoo and rinse you hair. Then dry the hair until its damp. And then, put the mask on your hair. Let in for 5 to 7 minutes and then rinse. Do this one to two times a week and you will have great looking hair!!

Would I recommend this product? YES!!  I would recommend this to everyone. Also they have a 100% money back guarantee which is amazing!!

Pros: Makes hair hydrated, silky smooth, and smell great, 100% money back guarantee  and easy to use as well. Has quality ingredients in it as well. And also at a great price too!

Cons: Don't get this in your eyes, if you do, just rinse out with water.

Im extremely happy with this product. Believe me, i will be buying this for my amazing girlfriend too. I cannot wait to see what they are going to come out with next!

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