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Voluspa Maison Holiday Travel Tin Candle Gift Set Review

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        I recently came across the Voluspa candles while I was looking for some candles to get for the apartment. And I was amazed on how the scents of the candles were great. And what I love about these candles are that you an burn each one separate or all three to create one unique smell. The three scents in this candle sent are Cinnamon Ceylon, Spruce Settings, and Visions of Sugar Plums.  These holiday scents will sure to set the holiday mood for just about anyone. 

      The burn time for these candles are 25 hours, and the wax is a coconut blend too. When you get the Holiday Travel  Tin Gift Set it comes in a box with the candles in the tins. The box and the tins come in a multicolored block pattern that is pretty cool and neat. 

    Pros:  The scents are really great and the package is of  great quality.For the quality of the candle it's self: the wick is made of quality material, the wax of the candle is of a quality coconut blend, the tin it's self is sturdy and has a nice shape as well, and the candle burns for 25 hours too.
    Cons: This is a candle and should not be in the reach of small children or close to anything combustible due the risk of catchings on fire. 

    I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family and anyone who wants to send a gift, that loves candles or that just wants a candle that smells great to burn too.  Here is a link to their website( ) so you can check out their amazing selection of candles and more. I just want to say this, I will be definitely getting some more of these candles especially for my girlfriend too.  What it comes down to, is Voluspa takes pride in their products and you can tell it in the craftsmanship of each and every candle that you can find second to none. And I highly recommend these candles!!

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