Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale

Over a year ago, I was contacted by a man named Mike Boudet. Boudet is an independent podcaster and is known for his true crime podcast, Sword and Scale. He was interested in speaking with me about Toni Ingram. I went on his site when he contacted me and noticed that MayraMM (the woman who is stalking and harassing Toni Ingram and my girlfriend Sarah Afshar) was a regular contributor to the site, so immediately I just knew that if I were to be interviewed, my words would have been edited or changed.

Using my abilities, I saw a connection between him and Tricia Griffith, the administrator of Websleuths and of course, MayraMM (Mayra Martinez) the woman who has been stalking and harassing Toni Ingram and my girlfriend Sarah Afshar. I was able to pick up that Boudet was interested in ratings. In fact, after the podcast about Toni Ingram my girlfriend Sarah Afshar was uploaded (which is filled with nothing but lies) he started spamming the links on my tumblr, where I proceeded to defend my girlfriend from the lies and untruths of Michael Odegard of Portland.

As I sat at the computer, it dawned on me that he was a friend of Tricia Griffith's. I decided to channel to see what Griffith was doing and immediately was able to see her behind all of the lies, the slander, the libel, and everything else trying to discredit Toni Ingram and my girlfriend Sarah Afshar. I also see her as angry that Toni refused a second interview with her and even pissed that Toni didn't send over the evidence she has. Why would Toni? That evidence is sealed and locked for the CBI, not some woman who spends her life online spreading lies about innocent people. I was also able to see that Griffith had an agenda and even went so far to involve other people. One of them being Terri Stipp.

Then, I started to realize that Boudet is this same type of person. Someone who is angry, someone who - if he does not get his way and gets angry to the level of spite. I would say about a month later Boudet was libeling me, my girlfriend Sarah Afshar, and Toni Ingram referring to us as trolls who are behind network of hate sites. Hate sites? The guy was literally spreading propaganda simply because we didn't do the podcast. Then, he posted link to one of the sites directly on his Sword and Scale site. I looked at the one site he shared and there was no hate on there. I channeled and was able to see that one of Morgan's close friends, one that no one knows created the one site and the other was created by someone who has a daughter and wants justice for Morgan's murder.

Boudet went on to say that me and Sarah were harassing Michael Odegard. A few people defended us and were attacked by the crazy stalking hag from Oregon. Some people claim that Boudet never put their comments through. I mean, Boudet was presenting stuff that is not even true and stuff didn't involve Toni Ingram. They even referred to Odegard as mentally challenged man and we were harassing him, blah, blah. All lies. Boudet even added more lies to story by saying Odegard blogged about the Morgan Ingram case. This is a total lie. Odegard blogged about my girlfriend many times and even went on to spread horrible, untrue lies about her (which can be seen and heard here), right before posting that he felt upset she ignored him (and Odegard I have all of the screenshots you don't want anyone else to see of those comments along with the remarks you made about my girlfriend's vagina you sick piece of shit) The fact is, Odegard, the stalker from Portland never blogged about Toni Ingram or the Morgan Ingram case. This is just more lies and I have the evidence of this.

Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale is an accessory to the lies which makes him a liar and I am calling him out. It's disappointing because at first I was convinced Boudet really wanted to hear my side along with my girlfriend's side. Obviously he didn't. Shortly after he published these podcasts, he was promoting Tricia Griffith's radio show asking listener's to check it out. I also know Tricia Griffith of Websleuths is a jealous slob who hates my girlfriend because she interviewed Toni Ingram which is why she recruited Terri Stipp to create hate sites about both Toni and my girlfriend and anyone who supports Toni. Toni Ingram has a ton of evidence and as a psychic medium I was able to see everything that happened. She is not a liar and she is not crazy. She's telling the truth about what happened to her daughter, something that none of these people defending Keenan have yet to do.

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