Saturday, October 10, 2015

My stalker from Portland is mentally challenged?

I am getting messages through the roof about Michael Odegard. People are questioning me about the "mentally challenged" man from Portland. First of all, I just wanna say this - Michael Odegard is not mentally challenged. Someone who is mentally challenged has an intellectual disability or trouble adapting to everyday function. Odegard is actually a semi-intelligent guy. I mean, look at what he is doing and he's fooled a lot of people into thinking that me and my girlfriend Sarah Afshar are harassing, stalking and bullying him when he is the one doing it to us. We have ignored him and after I contacted him asking him to please leave my girlfriend and her mother (who he is obsessed with) alone, he created hate blogs as some sort of retaliation to spread more lies.

He told me to kill myself and even posted on public forums from his apartment in Portland that I would bring more to society if I were dead. The man wishes suicide upon people who want nothing to do with him. I've been in the United States Armed forces and have been a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years. I've seen and heard everything and I can take it. But there are people who cannot and Odegard wishing suicide on innocent people proves that he knows exactly what he is doing. I suspect Odegard has always been a trash talking bully hence why he is paranoid and believes he holds power to make someone really take their life. This hateful person is filled with so much negative energy, I really don't believe anyone respects him unless they are that same type of energy.

Michael Odegard is not a victim. He wants people to believe he is a victim because he has no one to blame for his lack of success. Look at his rants. He is a hateful, nasty man who is very negative and it is clear he hates the world and he hates his life. He blames people for that like most people who are like him do. We are not harassing him at all and everything he has said about me, my girlfriend Sarah Afshar, and anyone else he is attacking is not true at all.

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