Monday, October 5, 2015

The death of Elisa Lam

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My girlfriend Sarah Afshar and I were talking yesterday and she asked me if I could channel Elisa Lam. She explained to me that Elisa's death remains unsolved. She went on to tell me that how she died is a mystery, but how she was found was extremely sinister. Needless to say, I was real curious based on what Sarah told me. She didn't tell me too much about Elisa Lam's death and insisted that I do not search "Elisa Lam" on Google because she didn't want anything distorting my channeling.

As I covered my eyes I started channeling. I would say immediately a woman about 5'4, maybe even 5'5 appeared. She looked to be of Asian decent. I saw her taking something. Something as in pills. I am not detecting any hardcore drugs like Ectasy (or MDMA) or anything like that. I am detecting they were sleeping pills. I am not sure if she took too many or too high of a dosage because all I saw when I channeled was this woman taking medication.

Continuing with the channel, I saw Elisa literally sleep walking and just wondering around the hotel. I even see her entering an elevator and pushing all of the buttons. I don't see her conscious at all. In fact, I am picking up multiple feelings. A feeling of confusion, being dazed, almost befuddled, but being unconscious and even lost. She was in a dream state because she was asleep.

The channel took me to Elisa staggeringly walking to the roof top area of where she was staying. I do believe the elevator took her there and I do see steps like she walked up a few to get there. She looked confused, disoriented and almost appeared to be hallucinating as well. She thought she was going down, but it turned out she went all of the way up. I saw that the water tank was to the right.

I literally see Elisa walking over to the water tank and opening it up. I am picking up that she sees it as being the door to the hotel to where she was staying. Instead, it is the water tank and I see her falling in. She tries to escape, but the door closed behind her and she cannot get out. She's trapped and as she falls in, she basically drowned to death. This is how she died.

Meanwhile, no one knows she is there until the entire hotel notices odd things about the water. I am being shown what looks to be grey water with a darkest red color with it and the smell and the taste smelled rotten. A very acquired yet revolting taste that can be best described as rotten meat mixed with a musky perfume, but even more sinister and unpleasant. I also see water running very very slow, as if Elisa Lam's body was controlling the pressure. I do believe that happened as well.

I see that she was missing for about 3 weeks or so before she was actually discovered in the tank. She wasn't murdered and her death was not a suicide. This is a result of accidentally drowning which was caused and exacerbated by drugs. In this case, sleeping pills. I don't know if she took too much, but based on the taste it is possibility. It didn't help she sleep walked. I'm guessing the place she stayed, the hotel wasn't a busy place because if it were, someone would have noticed and woke her up.

Stay tuned for my next channel.

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