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Cecil the Lion needs to have justice!

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Cecil the lion was a celebrity among his fellow lions and needs justice for his murder! He was also the leader of his pride in which he fought so hard for. And was murdered by a dentist with a blood lust for hunting big animals. Do anyone ever think of the repercussions for what happens when they do that! NO! Because they only want a trophy! 

They don't care that they are either endangered or about to be endangered. Cecil was 1 of 20,000 lions in the wild and they will be soon endangered or almost extinct like the Rhinoceros and the Tigers as well. And its up to every one to stop this illegal hunting and everything because there will be no more Lions, Tigers, Rhinos  and other of God's amazing creations! These animals have feelings and lives too and just like many humans was murdered and never given a chance to live life to its fullest!

Here is a little bit about Cecil the Lion. He was studied by Oxford University in a part of a big study on lions and their habits and of their every day life so we can better understand them. Cecil and his brother had a huge fight over who was going to control the pride and Cecil lost and went on to form his own pride of about 20 lions. And every one would come to see Cecil and his pride to see the lions and everything. Cecil lived in Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe on the Hwange National Park. Cecil was born in 2002 and died at the young age of 12 to 13 years old.

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Cecil was murdered on July 1st 2015 by a dentist named Walter Palmer from Minnesota. And by his horrendous actions of murdering Cecil the Lion the King of his pride of about 20 lions, has set off a global stir. the Zimbabwe Gov't has  urged the United States to have Walter Palmer extradited back to Zimbabwe for the punishment for his crimes. and the United nations has gotten involved in the this as well as the U.S. gov't and other agencies as well.  Celebrities have also gotten involved and there was also a petition for the President to get involved too with well over the necessary 100,000 signatures required for the petition as well! 

As a vegetarian thanks to my girlfriend Sarah, I have seen that the meat that we all eat has a direct impact on other animals and that the animals are just like us and have feelings and families and so forth. Sarah told me that you can get parasites from eating meat like tape worms and Trichinela  from pigs and also dont forget that flounders have parasites in them just like bears and so forth. And I did do my research and found this to be true as well.  But from switching over to being a vegetarian has greatly helped my over all health and has helped amazing gods creations live the life they deserve just like us. Thank you Sarah for helping me to change and be more healthy.

Also did you know that since Cecil the Lion the king of his pride was murdered that all his cubs will be killed by the new king of the Pride. Which will undoubtedly lower the amount of the over all Lion population!  Justice will be done and there will be no excuses!!  Check out these other links to find out more about the quest of justice for Cecil the Lion and updates in everything that is happening.
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Also if you see the dentist Walter Palmer call the local law enforcement. Also I believe that he may have tried to go to Canada as well. Lets help to bring Cecil the Lion's ( Cecil Rhodes) killer to justice!! 

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R.I.P. Cecil the Lion ( Cecil Rhodes ) 
You may be gone but will never be forgotten!!!! 

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