Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Question of the Day: How do you know Michael Odegard?

Q: Hi Joe. My name is Emily. I was listening to the Sword & Scale podcast and a man by the name of Michael Odegard came on. I really didn't see his connection to the entire Toni Ingram saga, so I thought it was just weird. I know that Mike tried to interview you for the podcast. I have to ask, how do you know Michael Odegard? How does your girlfriend Sarah Afshar know him?

Hello Emily. Thanks for the question. Michael Odegard has no connection to Toni Ingram or anyone for that matter. He simply wanted his 15 minutes of fame to blame his lack of success on my girlfriend and others who simply ignore his lunacy. I put out the podcast with actual proof, evidence that he was the one cyberstalking and bullying my girlfriend and me for defending her.

My girlfriend has no clue who Michael Odegard is. She has never talked to him. He has, however, talked to her mother. When her mother was single, her mother recently told both Sarah and I that she did talk to him in a Star Wars chatroom back in 2002. They were friends for only a few months. After noticing Odegard's outre behavior, she stopped talking to him completely that same year and cut all ties with the man completely. Everything he said on the podcast about Sarah is a boldface lie, as everything he has said about me is a lie. I never met the guy in my life. The only thing I am guilty of is defending myself from his allegations against me and my girlfriend.

I have no idea how he even made the connection that I am conspiring with Brian Mann to ruin his life. Like I said previously, the man is blaming his failures on me and anyone who speaks out against him. I never met Brian Mann in my life. I didn't even know who he was until Odegard tried to perpetuate the idea that we are both part of some plan to ruin his life. I never talked to the guy. I filed several police reports against Odegard for harassment. I allowed the police to listen to the voicemails that I received from his phone number along with various from Portland including the state hospital. Odegard visits mental health on a regular basis and has bragged about how he would come up with multiple syndromes using people's names including my name and my girlfriend Sarah Afshar's name. With that said, the police attempted to call the Portland police and the Portland police said they could not find Odegard at the address on file.

Michael Odegard has made hate blogs about me and tried to connect me to Brian Mann. I have never been to Portland at all, let alone the state of Oregon. He claims that I have stalked him when we both were in high school. Michael Odegard is in his 40s. I just turned 37 last month. How on earth could we be in the same grade unless he flunked several? The man graduated in the early 90s and there is record he started PSU when I was still in high school. In fact, I graduated in the mid-to-late 90s. The ideas this guy comes up with to lie and discredit people is as sinister as his political rants against police and Republicans. I think if you put a gun in this guy's hand, you are looking at the next Michael Meyers. With that said, everything Odegard said about me is not true and I have no clue who this guy is.

As for appearing on Sword & Scale, both of us have been busy with a lot and by the time we were interested, the podcast was already published. I know that Boudet has made some contact since, but we haven't been in communication with him. To be honest, when we were first approached about it, we really didn't know what to think because there is still no justice for Morgan Ingram or her family. We both want to appear on Sword & Scale because what Mayra and Odegard said is untrue and we want Boudet to hear our side of the story. We really have no opinion of Boudet. We know he is good as what he does and is all about the ratings, so we are hoping in the future Boudet will give us a chance to hear our side of the story.

Thanks again for your question.

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