Thursday, August 20, 2015

Big Spider vs. Big Insect !

 We all know that there are big spiders and big bugs out there. But what I had seen today makes you wonder what kind of spider is this and what kind of bug is this as well.  I was taking out dome trash and what I thought was a leaf moving on the porch but to my surprise it was actually a big black with a blue hue winged insect just literally dragging an huge olive brown colored spider across the porch. So I immediately went and got the camera and snapped some pictures of what was going on. 

The black insect was dragging the huge olive brown color Furrow Spider down a couple of steps, on to the brick wall, back across the corner of the porch and down the other side of the wall. Where it fell on the plastic grate right in front of the garage door. But the spider was to big to fit through the hole in the grate. Where it just sat there trying not to get pulled in to the hole.

Now, either that black insect was extremely hungry or the spider may have tried to catch the winged insect for food. I have neither seen a spider like that and the black insect like that either let alone a spider getting dragged across the ground like it was nothing! My girlfriend thinks it is a black wasp spider or a spider wasp.  The big huge spider is called a Furrow Spider.

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