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Prostate Rite by 100 Naturals Review.

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Prostate health is something that every man should be thinking about. The role of the prostrate is to produce seminal fluid which is vital to the sperm. it helps to protect the sperm when it leaves the mail body and is on its way to fertilize the egg and to provide the right nutrients to the sperm as well. And if your prostate is all out of wack, it is not able to do its job. if its swelled up, it may restrict the flow of urine, and so forth. Here is a link to learn more about the prostate and the function of it as well. 

"As a man ages, the prostate can grow larger. When a man reaches the age of 40, the prostate gland might have increased from the size of a walnut to that of an apricot. By the time he reaches the age of 60, it might be the size of a lemon."
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"Symptoms of an enlarged prostate may include:
  • Trouble starting to urinate or urinating freely
  • Having to urinate frequently, particularly at night
  • Feeling that the bladder is not empty after urinating
  • Feeling a sudden urge to urinate
  • Having to stop and start repeatedly while urinating
  • Having to strain to urinate                                            "
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If you have any of these symptoms go make a Dr. appointment and get checked out. because you may just have an enlarged prostate. 

If you haven't heard of Saw Palmetto, and or lycopene, you need to take it. And there are many ways you can take it, Saw Palmetto can be taken through a supplement, and there are many ways that you can get lycopene. Every time you eat tomatoes, ketchup or anything that is made with tomatoes, you are getting lycopene. 

There are many other things that you can take to help prevent from having an enlarged prostate. Think of it as a preventive maintenance for your car. Like taking care of your car as well. you do things to help prolong the life of your car, like use the best and correct oil for your engine, change the spark plugs to keep that spark going to keep your car running, and also like washing and waxing your car to make it look awesome and amazing but more so to protect the paint and so forth. 

Well, your body is the same way. you have to take care of it to make sure you don't break down like your car. And one of those ways is to take a supplement for your Prostate. The supplement helps to correct the imbalances in the nutrients that your prostate need to be healthy like the oil in your car, the oil level drops and you have to add more to keep the engine working properly. 

So, im going to review a prostate support supplement. The product is called Prostate Rite and it is found on for only $29.95. They use the most quality ingredients in this high quality product and does everything to help you to maintain and keep your prostate healthy. Due to improper diets and different life styles people need something to supplement what they are not getting.

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Here are the ingredients in Prostate Right.

"Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterol Complex (45% Beta-sitasterol),Selenium, Pygeum Africanum, Red Raspberry, Graviola, Green Tea, Cats Claw, Brocolli, Tomato Powder, Stinging Nettle, Maitake Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6, Zinc, Quercetin Dihydrate, Juniper Berry Powder, Uva Ursi Powder, Buchu Leaf Powder, Glutamic Acid, L-Alanine, L-Glycine, Calcium D-Glucarate, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Goldenseal Powder, Gravel Root Powder, Marshmallow Root Powder, and Parsley Leaf Powder." 
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And here are the advantages of taking Prostate Rite.

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"(a) Advanced Prostate Support Supplement with 30 plus handpicked natural ingredients for their synergistic benefits on prostate health and urine flow. 
(b) All in one formula including natural vitamin, mineral and herbal extracts. 
(c) Including Powerful DHT blockers Saw Palmetto, Beta-Sitosterol, , Lycopene, Uva Ursi Extract, Stinging Nettle, Pygeum Africanum and that specifically target the root cause of abnormal prostrate function 
(d). Prostate Rite not only supports prostate and urinary healthy, but also promotes overall health and general well-being! 
(e) Proudly make in USA by an FDA registered cGMP certified facility with 100% natural ingredients to ensure the best quality and safety"

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The only Con that I can think of is, you have to read the whole label to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

When i went and started taking this amazing product i already know all about Saw Palmetto and Lycopene but not this supplement until my girlfriend Sarah and I were talking about being healthy and what we can do to stay healthy.  And out of the blue my girlfriend Sarah got this for me as a gift.  I noticed that flow got a little bit better and over all general health of my prostate. and I took this amazing supplement 3 veggie caps with each of my meals and that is it. But also listen to your health professional as to about taking this product. 

I am extremely satisfied with this product and would recommend this product to any man over over the age of 21, and to family and friends. This supplement is made of high quality ingredients 

In closing, this is a great supplement and this is something that every man should be taking because everyone's diet and lifestyle is different. And we all could use a little preventive maintenance now and then. Also has a lot of other quality products to help you with what ever you need.

Until next time, Eat healthy, Live well and Stay healthy.

Product Disclaimer: The said product is a gift from girlfriend!

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