Thursday, August 20, 2015


On line grocery shopping has came a long way from when it first started. and actually it really started by telephone when you would call into the store place your order and and set the delivery time and the delivery guy would show up and deliver your groceries. You would either write a check or pay cash for the groceries.

Now we have the internet, online banking, debit cards and so forth. And its more convenient to just go online and place your order, set the delivery time and you can do what ever it is that you do with out even leaving your house.  I have came across an online grocery shopping website that puts a twist to everything and make it even more fun and interesting.

This is what you do. You customize and add remove or even change your recipe cards. ( and they have recipe cards to help you plan your meals as well.You can even plan everything for a whole week as well) They deliver your food. The food is fresh and they take great pride in that.And they send you a step by step recipe card to guide you through the meals that you have chosen. and you can skip or change deliveries at any time. Then you cook your food. explore new cooking techniques and make great and amazing food at your house. Here is the website that you can go and check it out. Plated

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