Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Some things to look for when purchasing men's grooming products

We all have been there men, we go to the store to get some razors, skincare products, shampoo and conditioner or even the beard and mustache trimmer and we cannot make up our mind. Well here are somethings to take into consideration when you go shopping you your grooming products to help ease your confusion.It all depends what you are looking for. 

There are many types of razors. Ones with multiple blades, ones, with single blades. Disposable ones. Electric ones that are either wet or dry. and what I mean by wet or dry is the wet ones you can use in the shower and sue shaving cream, gel or oil with them and you can get the whole unit wet. The dry ones, you cannot get them wet and you use them dry and cannot use shaving cream, gel or oil with the electric shaving unit.  

If you are looking for a razor, you cannot just get any old kind. Sure those one use razors or ok. But you need to take into consideration when you get them because most of them do not have an open back to the hair out from in between the razor blades. 

Then you have to bang and tap the the razor on the side of the sink in which can and will damage the razor and the hair will still be there after you still go through all that work. and then you will have to end up using 2 or 3 to get the job done. Believe me I have been there and done that. Not only do you spend more money on the razors but you you also run the risk of damaging your skin as well and leaving it irritated as well. 

You also have to take into consideration that if you have thick and coarse facial hair you will need a better razor as well.  If you have very sensitive skin you will need a razor with a good moisturizing lubricating strip on the razor as well. not only will that help with the irritation but it will help to keep it a clean, smooth and close shave. Also some things that can effect the shaving process is the type of shaving cream, gel or oil that you use. 

The purpose of a shaving cream, gel and oil is to help nourish the skin, help aid in a nice clean smooth close shave with less irritation. Also to help prepare the hair to be shaven by making it stand strait up for a better shave as well. And then also you need a great aftershave. there are some great aftershaves of all prices that does what it says. 

You also should look for one that has Witch Hazel in it because it helps to lessen the irritation from shaving and if you have sensitive skin, you need something like that because if you don't your face will become Irritated and so forth.  No keep in mind also that when you shave you are taking off the dead skin like when you are exfoliating as well. So when you shave you don't need to exfoliate those areas that you have shaved. if you do you can damage and irritate your skin.

In the following weeks to come I will be posting other things that you need to take into consideration when you go to purchase your grooming products and also I will be giving you some tips on helping you out as well.

Until next time, remember that skincare is not only for woman but for us men too.

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