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What to look for when getting men's skincare

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There are a lot of men out there who don't know that much about skincare and it's a part of grooming as well. So first thing you do is go to the make up counter at the store like Clinique, Ulta, Sephora and so forth. Ask them if they have anything for men's skincare. and they will. Just don't be scared. Just be a man and go up and ask. They will be able to give you a consultation for free and they will even give you some samples to try as well. and Just remember that skincare is NOT just for women but for men too. Here is an experience that I had when I went to Macy's in the Ross Park Mall.

I went to Ross Park Mall in Ross Twp. just outside the City of Pittsburgh to go and get some samples for my girlfriend Sarah because I wanted to get her something but I didn't know what she wanted. So I went to every place that I could go to in the mall and got her samples. And I was going to go and get my self a BB Cream as well. It turned out that I was in Macy's by the Clinique makeup counter.

I walked up and asked about their BB Cream for men. and the person at the counter asked me if I wanted a free consultation. I said sure. so they sat me down in the chair and asked me a few questions like, "What skin type do I have oily or not oily?" and so forth. I answered the questions and she went step by step and told me what she was putting on my face and why. She used a cleanser, exfoliator serum and then the moisturizer. The she went and matched up my skin tone with the BB Cream.

The person at the the makeup counter was nice to me and very knowledgeable about everything that she was doing and about the products as well. After everything was all done I went and got the toner that she put on my face in stead of the BB Cream. And I even gave her a tip as well. So that just goes to show you that skincare is not just for women but fir men as well. That it don't take anything to just go and ask. The people that work at the makeup counters know their stuff and if you have a question you can even go and ask them.

Also some things to take into consideration is, your skin type, is your skin more oily in the summer than in the winter or vise versa, allergies is a big one, and how sensitive your skin is. That is the importance that when you go to these makeup counters that you ask as much questions that you can. write them down if you cannot remember them. Also for a boost of support is to have your loved one go with as well. It will show her that you care about yourself too. But the reason you get the samples is to test it on a little part of the skin to see of you have any allergies and or if your skin breaks out as well. Also it will save you a lot of money too in the long run.

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