Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Michael Vick Signs With Pittsburgh Steelers For One Year

Every one was shocked and taken by surprise by the news that yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers has signed Michael Vick. It stirred up a lot of controversy because of Vick's actions back in 2007 for financing a dog fighting ring in which he lost a multi million dollar endorsement and served his time in prison. I know that people can change but only if they want to. And I know that a lot of people and I feel what he did was wrong and extremely messed up. But he did do the time and payed the punishment for his crime and for the dogs that he has hurt.

If you look back from the time he went to prison and got out till now, he has never gotten in trouble with the law and everything. I think what had happened was that he got mixed up with the wrong people and he lost control.  And from what I can see that he has changed because he wanted to change. And that is the only way to change. I know that the coaching staff and the Pittsburgh Steelers owners and administration and the NFL have did an extensive back ground check and everything. The have found out that he did change hence the reason he is on the team.

How can you tell if someone has truly change? You can tell by their actions and what and how they do everything. I also know that there is probably something in the contract that states about any action of misconduct of that nature or so forth would result in immediate termination of the contract. 

I seen that there is a petition for Michael Vick to be removed from the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I urge everyone to judge him for his past because of what he did. Let him prove to everyone how he has changed and why the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him. There is a reason for everything that they do. And they may just want to switch up everything and keep everything fresh and different. If the Rooneys and the coaching staff and the rest of the team players believe in him to do the job of backing Ben Roethlisberger for this season. Then we should let them do their job. So lets give Michael Vick a chance to see what great positive things he can do for the Pittsburgh Steelers on the field and off the field. 

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