Monday, August 10, 2015

Elleda Skincare's Vitamin C Serum Review.

Photo by Joseph Valo III
My girlfriend Sarah and I were talking about different types of serums and she was telling about the importance of using a Vitamin C serum and asked if i ever have used one before and I told her no. So when my birthday came, I got this amazing Vitamin C serum as a gift. And This is definitely the one to have!!

Of all the vitamin c serums I have looked at, this one is amazing! This amazing product has everything in it to help rejuvenate, protect moisturize and everything else. 98% all natural ingredients, 72% all organic 20% Vitamin C and its antioxidant rich and promotes collagen as well.

Elleda Skincare takes pride in their products and use only the greatest quality ingredients. and what is truly great is that they stand behind their product 100% and have a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. And they also have a Blog that it extremely great that helps you if you have any questions about anything or if you just want to learn something new as well

Here are some of the key the ingredients that help make up this amazing serum.

Vitamin C: Aids in collagen production. Helps your skin to look more youthful softer and smoother.

Vitamin E: A rich antioxidant that helps to protect the body against free radicals that causes wrinkles as well as the aging process too.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates the skin and keeps it looking smooth and fresh.

When I first opened the bottle up I noticed that it was almost clear and when I put it on my face, I started with my forehead and worked my way down to my neck, careful not to get it in my eyes I put 2 drops of the Vitamin C Serum on  in a circular motion making sure to cover the skin on my face and 2 drops for the neck. And that's all I really need because went on nice, easy and smooth. The Vitamin C Serum dried very quickly and it didn't clog the pores either. And I could feel it work immediately. It had that healthy glow about it and felt hydrated too. After a few days of using it in the morning and before I went to bed I noticed that the fine lines and wrinkles were starting to go away around my eyes and face. Also some acne scars were starting to go away as well.

Pros98% all natural ingredients, 72% all organic 20% Vitamin C and its antioxidant rich and promotes collagen as well. Has Witch Hazel, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, and Aloe Barbadenis Leaf. Made in the Unites States of America, Animal Cruelty Free. Paraben Free and Sulfates Free too. Hydrates shin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes collagen. Rich in antioxidants. Anti aging. And rejuvenates the skin helping with sun spots and acne scars.

Cons: Must read entire label for instructions and ingredients on label.

Im extremely satisfied with this amazing skincare product and would recommend this to family and friends and who ever wants to take care of their skin and look their greatest.This product retails for $18.49 on and also on  too. Also you can find Elleda Skincare on social media at these websites  Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram, Pinterest

In closing Elleda Skincare has great and amazing products that will fit all your needs and this vitamin c serum will be a great addition to your skincare routine! Not only that they stand by their amazing products 100% with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. This is not only for women but for men as well. And its never too late to start taking care of your skin too. 

Until next time, Skincare is not just for women, but for men as well. And remember to read the whole label too.

Product Disclosure: The said product is a gift from my girlfriend!

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