Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to make a grooming kit for men to take on a camping trip

Going camping can prove to be a little challenging for grooming and also depends on how long you are going to be camping for. Being able to be well groomed can be tricky like shaving washing your hair and smelling good and keeping the proper hygiene as well. From my experiences of being out in the woods for weeks on end there is an importance of proper hygiene and grooming.  I know that the first time I went I went and took the basics, washcloth towel, soap, shampoo, razor and shaving cream. and I got eaten up by bugs and mosquitoes. 

To keep from getting eaten alive by the bugs and mosquitoes use unscented products and and wash yourself regularly. There are many products that are made just for that purpose. like unscented soap, baby wipes, dry shampoo, dry conditioner, unscented shaving cream and unscented deodorant. This is what I take when I go camping. Now keep in mind that this is very basic list.  

1 bag with a zipper.
1 wash cloth
1 towel
1 bottle of dry shampoo
1 bottle of dry conditioner
1 razor
1 can of unscented shaving cream
1 bottle of unscented after shave
1 pair of finger nail clippers w/file
3 packs of unscented baby wipes
1 bar of unscented antibacterial soap

With this list of basic grooming items, you can stay well groomed while camping in the woods. You can either add to this list or take away from it. But just make sure that it is unscented. What you are trying to prevent is getting eaten alive by the bugs and making your camping trip a good one. You can find these products anywhere and even come camping websites and stores sell them as well. So do your research and you will fine the right products for you. also another thing to take into consideration is how long you will be camping and how much space you have for the items. So to cut down the amount of items if you are tight on space is to find unscented 2 in 1 products and get smaller bottles of he product that are half size and so on.

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