Saturday, August 15, 2015

Michael Odegard is trying to get me hacked?

Hello everyone. How are you? It has come to my attention that my stalker, Michael Odegard from Portland, Oregon is trying to get me hacked by members of Anonymous. When I shared a link on Twitter to an interview that me and my girlfriend Sarah Afshar did recently for one of Morgan Ingram's friends, AJ Jung, this happened:

Now, it's very odd to me that this member from Anonymous claims "they" tried to get them to hack me and referring to "you guys" which is plural for "you both". The person went on to say that they refused to hack us. After that, as you can see in the screenshot above, they made it clear that they would not allow "they" to make Anonymous their own personal army. When they say "they" are they referring to Michael Odegard or are they referring to him along with Mayra Martinez and Tricia Griffith?

I know that both Mayra and Tricia have attempted to conspire with hackers because I read all about here Are they using Odegard as bait or is Odegard in on the entire scam, trying to me hacked so he can shut me up? Honestly, Odegard, I am telling the truth. If you think getting me hacked will make me shut me up, think again. I will continue exercise my 1st amendment right as an American citizen. Why? Because I have the right to do so. You will never undermine my rights. Especially when I am telling the truth.

To be continued.....


A few minutes ago I got a message in my email saying to reset my password from twitter. How can I get this message when Im already logged into twitter..   Well, some one is trying to hack my twitter.

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