Sunday, August 9, 2015

Corroboration of Crazy: Michael Odegard

"This is where Mr. Odegard insinuates that Brian Mann,
My girlfriend Sarah Afshar and I are
 hiding from the police, but the truth is that we really are not."
In recent months, I have had the pleasure of experiencing what it is like to be cyberstalked by someone I have never met in my life. And my cyberstalker is Michael Odegard from Portland, Oregon. The man has spread so many lies about me, my girlfriend, and basically anyone else he wants to blame for his lack of success on. I took the opportunity to defend myself, as well as, my girlfriend in a podcast.

"This is where Mr. Odegard claims that Brian Mann and I
 impersonated a Federal Law Enforcement Officer"
Mr. Odegard called my phone many times in between late 2012 until mid 2014. After I made the podcast exposing this, they stopped. And although they continue, they are not as intimidating or scary. Rewinding back to 2014, I remember this one time, I actually decided to call one of the numbers back. The number lead to a Portland business called The Black Cat Caf√©, which was then called Legends.

"Mr. Odegard is claiming that Brian Man and I Photoshop his picture"
 It dawned on me that something was weird, just not right when I called back.  The person who answered the phone was definitely him trying to pose as a manager. The person had Odegard's voice and even went on to say that he hasn't seen Odegard in months. Almost like Odegard intentionally called to get me to respond to his antics. After I called, I noticed that the libel grew more online and all of the phone calls just kept coming at a rapid rate. I would get more private and restricted calls, but when I would see records of my phone statements, they would show a Portland number calling me.

"Mr. Odegard is calling both Brian Mann and I Vigilantes
And clearly we are not!" 
Thanks to people who care about me and my well being, I was able to do a background check on the number. The number linked directly to Odegard, as it was his own personal number. I never called it or anything, but I made sure to block it in case the calls would persist.

"Mr. Odegard is saying
 the police want to talk to Brian Man and I,
But yet we have never been contacted by the police!"
Fast forward a few months, Michael Odegard took to blogger to create one of his infamous hate blogs. As you can see by the screenshots I am displaying, you can get an idea of what I have had to endure (and still continue to endure) from this very crazy and unhinged man from Portland. The sad thing is, this man cannot be reasoned with because he has no conscious.

"Mr. Odegard is accusing my girlfriend of being in charge
 of the hate blogs about him,
the truth is, that she doesn't want nothing to do with him at all!"
Odegard harassed my girlfriend Sarah for years because he had an obsession with Sarah's mother. You see, Sarah's mom went into a movie chatroom on MSN where she befriended Odegard. After discovering Odegard wasn't someone she was interested in communicating with, she cut all strings with him. When I contacted him in late 2012 on Facebook asking him to cut his losses in move on, it set him off and I have been a target of his obsession ever since.

The truth is: I never met Brian Mann. I have never been to Portland. Hell, I have never been to the state of Oregon. I don't deserve this. No one does. I really wish Odegard would see that he is wasting his time and life harassing me and other innocent people and the truth is, I never did anything to this guy.

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